Welcome to The Milky Tee Company

Our unique breastfeeding T-shirts have a hidden zip on each side to allow easy access for breastfeeding or expressing. They are made with 100% premium combed cotton which is OEKO-TEX® certified, meaning it does not contain any harmful or irritating substances and is safe for even delicate skin.

Our unique design, which is registered and protected, means that the zips are hidden and are positioned at the side, just under the armpit, so our tees look like a normal T-shirt and can be worn even once you finish breastfeeding. They also have a slightly longer length than average (68cm) and can be worn with jeans, skirts or over some comfy legging! We have a number of different designs so we hope you enjoy browsing our selection of Milky Tees!

“Nice and practical nursing clothes aren't really a thing, so when I was introduced to @milkyteeco I was thrilled! Their T-shirts have a very discreet zip either side which make breastfeeding a dream, especially in public. This coffee and concealer design couldn't be more appropriate right now either!”

“Absolutely love my new breastfeeding T-shirt. It makes feeding so easy and discreet. Wish I had this from the start of my tandem feeding journey!"

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