“Finally nursing wear that actually functions! For someone with massive bangers, being discreet is somewhat difficult.. but not anymore. I LOVE my @milkyteeco tshirt. it’s revolutionary and you’ll never guess how it works!” 

"These T-shirts are amazing if you’re breastfeeding, expressing or just looking for a cute design"

"This T shirt tho. It is literally the most ingenious design. I don’t know how I ever fed babies without a @milkyteeco. They make feeding in public a breeze.”

“Nice and practical nursing clothes aren't really a thing, so when I was introduced to @milkyteeco I was thrilled! Their t shirts have a very discreet zip either side which make breastfeeding a dream, especially in public. This coffee and concealer design couldn't be more appropriate right now either!”

"I am so happy with my Milky tees. What a find! They have modern designs and are so comfortable. The zips are smooth and in the ideal position for quick and discreet feeding. (Cannot wait for the black ones! will definitely be buying more.)”

"Wearing my Mutha #milkytee

"C O F F E E + C O N C E A L E R my daily essentials. As is my fabulous new tshirt from @milkyteeco. It’s a #breastfeeding top, with hidden zips either side, which makes feeding in public sooo much easier! It’s a complete game changer”

"Oh wow! I LOVE my “Mutha” breastfeeding t-shirt from @milkyteeco !! It’s so cute. Love the zips on the side for easy access!”

My tshirt from @milkyteeco makes discrete public feeding SO much easier! Even with a very nosy 8 month old! 

“This T-shirt is fabulous. There is an invisible side zip for easy access, and it looks cool which is obviously the most important thing!"

“My plain white T arrived last week - I love it!! I ordered a size small. I’m a size 10 with big boobs!! And there’s lots of room - it’s not too fitted and it’s quite long. Perfect for a post baby body”

Bought this as a present for a friend and she loved it. The t-shirt was really good quality material and the design on the front is lovely. Definitely going to be buying these as gifts for new mums from now on!

I’m more than happy with my milky tee. The quality of the fabric is excellent, and I love the idea of the hidden zips I would highly recommend. Thank you milktee

I purchased both this and the plain tee just before my newborn arrived knowing how difficult I had found feeding discreetly while out and when family members (my prudish father) were around visiting. These t shirts didn’t disappoint. Sizing is generous (just what I needed after my second baby) and they are so practical and stylish. I have had nothing but compliments about them... especially when I went to my Lactation consultant. As my mum tum gets smaller I will be purchasing more! Thank you for a marvellous product! Xx

Absolutely love my new breastfeeding tshirt. It makes feeding so easy and discreet.  Wish I had this from the start of my tandem feeding journey!